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Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Stretching

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Laser Therapy

Rehabilitation - Long reining, Pole work & Prescriptive Exercises

Why choose Equine Massage Therapy & Physiotherapy

Equine physiotherapy is used in the treatment and management of equine lameness, poor performance and maintaining the equine athlete at its peak, improving core muscular strength. Equine physiotherapy is now considered an essential part of maintaining and rehabilitating any equine.


An equine physiotherapist tools of the trade are their hands - massage, bodywork stretching, therapeutic ultrasound, laser therapy, pulsed magnetic field therapy are all used as part of the rehabilitation treatments. A therapists goal is to reduce pain, aid healing, restore movement and enhance strength and flexibility to an affected area.


As an equine physiotherapist/massage therapist Andy has an in depth knowledge of the physiology and anatomy  of the horse. This enables him to fully understand how the horse moves. In the event of injury, knowing the correct therapies available is a fundamental principle in rehabilitating the injured equine athlete or the happy hacker. 


Equine musculoskeletal injuries are common in the performance horse regardless of discipline.