We are extremely proud of all of sponsored riders, horses are our passion and being part of the development of these young riders and thier equine partners is an honour and a privilege. This year has been a challenge but, they are all now out competing and we couldn't be prouder of each and every one of them. 

Mia is a very talented young rider, she has continued to go from strength to strength this year and we are all very proud of her achievements. Here is what Mia had to say when we asked about her sponsorship.  

"Andy has been a huge help in Opal’s fitness and suppleness.
By doing his physiotherapy Opal has had a much nicer jump and in general has been going better!
I am so grateful for Andy’s help and he is so encouraging!"



Sophie is a talented young rider, part of GB's endurance team. When asked about her sponsorship with Hands 4 Horses she told us.


"We have been working with Andy over the past year now, and he has become a significant member of our endurance team, we honestly couldn’t do it without him! The amount of care and attention to detail he puts in to my horses is world class, and therefore I am so proud to be one of his sponsored riders!"

Watch out for this young rider in the future, she is going far.


Lewis is another extremely talented rider who we just had to add to the stable of young riders Hands 4 Horses supports, another bright future ahead for this young man. He was asked about his influences and how he felt about the sponsorship opportunity, he said

"When I was younger, I always went to showjumping and cross country competitions to watch my cousins ride, they where a huge influence on me and the main reason I decided to start riding.

Andy has really helped me over the past few months as he has come to most shows we have been to and is one of the most supportive people I know, he has worked wonders on Lily as she feels like a completely different horse after her first treatment 6 months ago.

Hands 4 Horses really is a brilliant business and I am still ecstatic Andy was kind enough to sponsor me" ... and we are ecstatic to have you Lewis 

We will let Kelly introduce herself as she does it so well! "I’m Kelly and this is Marmaduke. Aka Duke. We are one of Andy sponsored riders. Duke and I like a bit of everything, pleasure rides, dressage, and jumping. Andy has helped us tremendously. Not only has he helped Duke with keeping him soft, supple and knot free. He’s also supported me as a rider and come along on a few rides too. Andy has an amazing way with the horses, he’s so calm and always put the horse first, making sure the horses are comfortable at all times. Duke was very worried to begin with but Andy spent time with him and now he trusts him completely"